How to Use an Acer Laptop

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Follow these steps to use your Acer laptop.

Best Buy, Target and even department store giant, Wal-Mart carry Acer laptops, so it should come as no surprise that the Acer brand has reached the #2 spot for PCs and notebooks. According to, Acer's long-time goal has been to allow anyone to use and benefit from technology. As a result, Acer has created an inch-thin laptop that boasts of eight cordless hours of performance. To get started with this product, complete the following steps.


Step 1

Turn the laptop on by pressing the Power button located above the keyboard.

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Step 2

Locate the touchpad. You use the touchpad much like you would use a mouse. The touchpad controls your cursor. It responds as you move your finger across its surface. Move your finger across the touchpad to move the cursor.


Step 3

Locate the bar below the touchpad. This bar may be used for selecting and has left and right-click functions that you can use a mouse. Clicking on the right end of the bar has the same effect as right-clicking with a mouse. Clicking on the left end of the bar has the same effect as left-clicking with a mouse. Tapping the touchpad is the same as clicking the left end of the bar.


Step 4

Use the keyboard like you would use a desktop keyboard. The only difference is that the keyboard of an Acer laptop is smaller than a regular laptop keyboard.


Step 5

Click on the Windows icon in the lower left side of the screen to access programs.


Step 6

Make sure your wireless switch is turned on, if you want to access the Internet. Then locate a wireless network. Windows may automatically detect and display a list of available networks. If that happens, you only have to select the network you wish to access. If it is not your network, you may need a password if it is security-enabled. If Windows does not automatically detect a network, open Internet Explorer, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to a wireless network.

Step 7

Access the Internet after the connection is made.

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