How to Use Cybershot As a Webcam

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How to Use Cybershot As a Webcam
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If you have a Sony Cybershot and the right connections on your computer, you may be able to use the digital camera as a webcam as well. Webcams are great for videoconferencing, both for business and for pleasure. Using your Sony digital camera as a webcam will save you money from needing to purchase an additional device, and would have the side benefit of reducing clutter on your desk. The process will take only about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.


Connecing the Camera

Step 1

Plug the AC adapter into the camera, and the adapter into a power outlet. The webcam functionality will not work on the camera batteries.

Video of the Day

Step 2

Attach a video cable from the camera's "Video Out" jack to the analog video jack on your PC. Power up your digital camera, ensuring its set to the camera function (typically a picture of a camera on the selection dial).


Step 3

Turn the PC on and load an application requiring the webcam. Enter the video settings for that application.

Step 4

Choose the "Video In" option within the application. If the camera has been connected properly and is powered on, you should see an image (yourself if the camera's pointed at you). Click "OK" to save these settings.



Step 5

Ask a friend to help you test out the webcam functionality by starting a webcam chat with them. Ensure that the picture is being sent out properly. If so, you have completed the tutorial. Otherwise, check all settings.




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