How to Use Iron on Transfers on Neoprene

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A waterproof vinyl-like material, neoprene is in a variety of household items such as mouse pads and table place mats. Decorate your neoprene items at home by using iron-on transfers to create permanent designs on their surfaces.

Step 1

Select a design of your liking from your private image folders or by obtaining it from an online source such as Deviant Art.


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Step 2

Place one sheet of iron-on transfer paper into the printer carriage. Make sure the filmy side of the paper is facing downward.

Step 3

Print out the image.

Step 4

Plug in the iron and turn it to its highest setting. Let it heat up for about 10 minutes.


Step 5

Cut around the design you have printed out and discard the excess paper.

Step 6

Place the printed side of the iron-on transfer paper onto the center of the neoprene mouse pad's surface.


Step 7

Place the iron flat onto the back of the paper, and press down firmly. Move the iron around in circular motions, very slowly. Do this for about a minute and then let the neoprene mouse pad cool for three minutes.

Step 8

Remove the paper from the surface of the mouse pad by carefully plucking up one corner of the paper, and peeling it back gently and slowly.

Things You'll Need

  • Inkjet printer

  • Iron-on transfer paper for inkjet printers

  • Mouse pad

  • Iron


You'll want to flip the image horizontally so it will print out in reverse onto the iron-on transfer, especially if it has lettering or words in it.

Follow these same steps with other neoprene items in your home such as table place mats and lawn furniture.