How to Use Two Monitors on One Computer

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Using dual computer monitors is a trick of the trade for many graphic artists, web builders, and others in the computer industry. Dual monitors provide more viewing space at your workstation so that you can spread out your work evenly and glance back and forth between screens. This is especially helpful for research situations, where one needs a browser pulled up for research and a word document or some other document type open at the same time. A dual-monitor setup is relatively easy to install.


Install and use Dual Monitors on One Computer

Step 1

Check to see if your graphics card supports dual monitors. If not, you can either purchase a monitor switch box to support the second monitor or replace your graphics card with one that will support two monitors.


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Step 2

Install the monitor switch or graphics card according to manufacturer instructions. Power off your system before the installation.

Step 3

Reboot after the installation is complete. Navigate to the Display Control Panel and set your monitor preferences. The commonly used setting is one in which the two monitors are independent of each other.


Step 4

Test your monitors. Open the programs you want to use. To make use of the second monitor, simply drag the area screen of the selected program over to the second monitor. You can now place the program screen anywhere on the second monitor.


Step 5

Practice using dual monitors. There is a learning curve, and if you are using two different monitor types, they may not be perfectly aligned. Your mouse may appear to jump when you curse over to the second monitor. Learn the differences between your first and second monitors to make the best use of that additional space.

Things You'll Need

  • Video card that can support dual monitors

  • Monitor switch box

  • Second monitor



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