How to Use WD Passport to Back Up Files

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Western Digital builds a portable hard drive style called the Passport, which looks about the size of a travel passport and connects to a computer's USB port. The Passport comes in multiple different sizes, all of which are highly capable of backing up large amounts of files.

Step 1

Plug the WD Passport into the computer's USB port.


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Step 2

Open the WD Passport's folder. Click "View Folder of All Files" inside the Autoplay box that appears when the Passport is plugged into the computer.

Step 3

Open the folder containing files that you want to back up.


Step 4

Hold down the "Control" key on the keyboard. While holding down the key, left-click the files that you want to back up.


Step 5

Copy the files by right-clicking a selected file and click "Copy."

Step 6

Right-click a white portion of the Passport folder and click "Paste." The files will be copied onto the Passport.



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