How to View JPG Images

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How to View JPG Images. The .jpg graphic extension is a familiar graphic format to every computer user. The acronym JPG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. The JPG compressed image format is the standard for web page graphics. JPG images have a compressed format that allows them to have good quality with a low file size. Viewing a JPG image requires graphics software.


Step 1

Download a JPG image from the Internet by right clicking on the image. Save the image to the desktop. The image is now available for viewing.

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Step 2

View the JPG image by using Windows Explorer. Open Windows Explorer. Find the JPG image on the desktop. Right click on the image. Select "Open with" and "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer."


Step 3

Use the "Paint" program which is included free with most PCs. To view a JPG in Paint go to "File" select "Open." Find the JPG image and open it.

Step 4

Use the web browser Firefox to view a JPG. Viewing a JPG image in the web browser window is easy. Simply right click on the image and choose "View Image."



Step 5

Use a graphics program, such as Photoshop, to view a JPG. Photoshop is an industry standard graphics viewing software. The full version is expensive but a "Lite" version is often included with peripheral devices and digital camera software.




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