How to Convert JPEG to CDR

By Robert Schrader

CDR, the default file format of Corel corporation's "DRAW" series of desktop imaging software, is a complex, "vector" file type. It differs from standard image formats such as ".jpg" and ".bmp" in that each of its lines, shapes and strokes represents a different "drawing." The process of converting a JPEG image into CDR format so that you can manipulate it within the CorelDRAW program is straightforward, simple and fast.

Things You'll Need

  • CorelDRAW graphics suite

Step 1

Launch CorelDRAW and select "Open" from the "File" menu. Browse your hard drive for your JPEG image file. Alternatively, locate your image on your hard drive, right-click (Mac users should hold down the "Ctrl" button and click) and select "CorelDRAW" from the "Open With" submenu.

Step 2

Select "Save As" from the "File" menu and choose ".cdr" from the drop-down list of available file formats. Rename your file if you'd like, then click the "Save" button. Exit CorelDRAW.

Step 3

Open your new ".cdr" file in CorelDRAW to test the conversion success. Locate your file on your hard drive and double-click it. Your file will automatically open in CorelDRAW.