How to View Text Messages on a Boost Mobile Account

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Like it or not, text messaging is fast becoming a de facto method of communicating that has virtually supplanted the era of telephone voice calling. The reasons for this often boil down to convenience. For many individuals, taking a moment to send a text is significantly easier to do than dialing a phone number and engaging in a call that could last much longer than originally intended. Although text messages provide a written record of activity for all parties involved, phone users who are hoping to find an online survey of all of their text messaging may be disappointed. If you're a Boost Mobile user, you'll need to use your phone to view any and all text messages you've sent.


Finding Your Boost Mobile Records

Finding a record of your text messages on the Boost Mobile service can be accomplished quickly and easily using your cellphone. To begin, use your phone's navigation tools to open the main menu. From here, you'll likely have a variety of options available to you, one of which includes opening your text message folder. Although the fine details of your Boost Mobile phone's operating system may change over time, you should have access to an icon of an envelope or similar insignia. You can select this icon to gain access to your complete text message mailbox.


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Reviewing Your Text Messages

Once you've gained access to your Boost Mobile text messages, you can review all content you've sent and received just as you would through any other mobile carrier. As mentioned previously, you won't be able to explore your text messages through any device other than your phone. The only possible exception to this could be if you've chosen to back up your text messages using a third-party service.

Although Boost Mobile may keep track of the data accrued during your text message activity or the number of messages you've sent, the specific contents of your messages can be reviewed only by you and the recipient of the content in question. This also means that any messages you delete from your phone will likely be difficult or impossible to retrieve. With that in mind, you should carefully review your Boost Mobile text message record and Boost Mobile call history, if needed, in order to determine what information, if any, should be saved. Your Boost Mobile account activity with incoming calls, outgoing calls, text messages and voicemails will all be part of the relevant content stored on your device.