How to Wire Multiple Projectors to One PC

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A projector is often used to present content that is stored on a computer. This allows a large audience to see the content without having everyone crowd around the small computer monitor. However, you may find it necessary, at some point, to connect multiple projectors to the same computer. This can be easily done and can only take a few minutes to set up.


Step 1

Connect a VGA splitter to the VGA port on the computer. The monitor is typically connected to this port (although your computer may have two VGA ports you can use). The splitter is going to allow you to connect two different projectors to the computer.

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Step 2

Connect a VGA cable to each of the two splits in the VGA splitter. These cables are going to connect to the projectors. Depending on the distance apart, you may need exceptionally long VGA cables to reach the devices.


Step 3

Connect the free end of the VGA cables to the VGA port on the projectors. Power on both the computer and the projectors (if they have not been turned on already). It may take a few moments for the projectors to heat up and begin displaying content.


Step 4

Press the "Menu" button on the projectors and select "Video Input." The projector is going to display all of the different possible connections you can select. Use the navigational arrows to move down to "VGA" (it may be called "Computer") and select "OK." The contents of the computer can now be seen on the projection.




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