How to Write a Proper Email

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Write a Proper Email

There is more to writing an email than just putting an email address in the "TO" box, adding a "RE" and jotting a quick note in the body of the email. Just like any other written communication, there is a proper form to keep in mind when sending an email, especially a business email.


Step 1

Begin by making sure that you have the correct email address of the person to whom you are emailing. If you don't, it will come back to you as undeliverable. Type in the email address in the "TO" box.

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Step 2

Determine the topic of the email. The topic is what should go in the "RE" box. Be specific, because the recipient may not know you; if she can't determine what the email is about, then she may hit the delete button--or worse, flag it as spam. Keep the email short and succinct. The first word of the title should be capitalized; all other words--unless proper nouns--should be in lower case.


Step 3

Begin typing the message to the recipient. Use proper grammar rules; if in doubt, will answer any questions. Even if the email is more casual, like an email to a friend or family member, take the time to prevent typographical errors, use proper form and use spell-check. To use spell-check, click on the icon marked "spelling" or "Spell check" and it will check the body of the email for errors and suggest corrections. After you have written the body of the message, read it out loud to yourself to make sure you've used proper English and haven't omitted any text.



Step 4

Finish the email with an ending, such as "Sincerely" or "Respectfully." Under that, add your name. If this is a business email, you should always type your email address and your telephone number below your name, as well as any other pertinent information such as your company and your title. Once you are satisfied with your email, click "Send."



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