Importance of Computer Programming

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Developing a program involves a series of steps. The programmer defines a problem, plans a solution, codes the program, tests the program and, finally, documents the program. Usually, the programmer defines what he knows and the objective, selects a program to use, debugs the program in stages after completion to ensure no errors are introduced and then documents the design, development and testing of the program. With the ever-changing face of computer technology, programming is an exciting and always challenging environment that few programmers ever dream of leaving.


Systems Knowledge

Computer programmers have a full understanding of the how and why of computer systems, including system limitations, and can set realistic expectations and work around those limitations to fully maximize the use of the equipment and its accessories.


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Creativity Platform

Programming is a platform to showcase creativity, especially in problem-solving and entertainment. Programming develops new video games, graphics and animations to showcase new business ideas or to resolve a particular problem.


Interactive Education

Programming, especially in web development, has allowed new interactive web applications that have access to system resources and provide the same level of control as desktop applications. Used on online learning platforms, these applications have allowed distance-learning programs to take off. Today, almost all major learning institutions have some form of online learning implementation, thanks to computer programming.


Defining The Future

Computer programming principles implemented today will likely influence how technologies such as voice-recognition, artificial intelligence and other sophisticated technologies will change in the future and how they will be applied to our day-to-day lives. For example, the trend toward automating Internet searches and purchases to be more localized is ongoing. While the hardware platforms developed will play a major role, computer technology will likely be at the center of it all and programming future systems will be an important aspect.


Machine Language

Since computers work with numbers, programming allows a person to represent machine-language in human-readable format. This reduces the chances of introducing errors and wasted time in debugging and correcting mistakes.




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