Increasing Volume on a Laptop

Learning how to increase the volume on your laptop is a reasonably simple process. Some laptops have the function installed externally on the unit. On others, you have to adjust the volume settings manually. Once you have figured out which has been implemented into your laptop design, you can increase the volume accordingly.

External Control

For some laptop models, the volume control is a built-in dial that is generally on the right side of your laptop. With the screen of your laptop facing you, place your finger on the dial and slide it away from you to increase the volume.

Control Panel

You can also increase the volume on your laptop manually via the Control Panel. The Control Panel is in the right column of your Start menu. It is also accessible within the “My Computer” window (also in the Start menu). Open the Control Panel then double click on the icon labeled “Sound and Audio Devices.” A gray window will appear. Make sure the “Mute” button has not been check marked. To increase the volume, place your cursor over the down pointing arrow under the section marked “Device Volume.” Hold down the left click button and drag the arrow to the right toward the word “High.” Be sure to click on the “Apply” button to save your settings.

Screen Setting

On the bottom right edge of your laptop screen – directly next to the time display – double click on the gray speakerphone button. A gray panel will appear with nine volume settings that you can customize individually. Older models may only feature six settings.

Keyboard Control

Sometimes, laptop volume controls are on the keyboard. These volume buttons are commonly labeled with a plus and minus sign. Pressing the plus sign will increase the volume on the audio file you are listening to.


Volume controls are designed to provide you with a customized listening experience. Turning the volume settings too high, however, is strongly discouraged. Not only is it potentially harmful to your ears, the heavy constant vibrations caused by audio that is too loud can blow out the speakers in your laptop.