Instructions for a Brother P Touch Label Maker

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Create labels with your Brother P Touch Label Maker.

The Brother's P Touch Labeling System comes in over 70 different models ranging from hand-held models to desktop models. The handheld models are so compact that they can fit in the palm of your hand. The desktops are larger and need to be placed on a desk to make operation and handling easier. Though there are different models, most of the models have the same basic operating features. This ensures that your label creation is done with ease.


Step 1

Insert batteries into your Brother P Touch Label Maker. The size of battery and the amount of batteries you must use will vary by the model of P Touch you are using. You will see the battery compartment on the bottom of the label maker. If you have an AC Adapter for your label maker, you can also opt to plug in the AC Adapter to use electricity instead of battery power.

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Step 2

Insert a new tape cassette into the cassette tape compartment on the bottom of the P Touch Label Maker. Pull down the lever to secure the tape cassette in place. Close the tape cassette compartment. Simultaneously press the "Code" button and the "Feed" button to advance the label tape.


Step 3

Power on the label maker by pressing the "On/Off" switch.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Code" and "Style" button simultaneously to set the font style. To set the size of the font, simultaneously press and hold the "Code" button and the "Size" button . Keep pressing the style and size buttons until you see the style and size for the font you wish to use.

Step 5

Begin typing your message by pressing the letter buttons on the label maker. To insert a space between words, press the "Space" button. To type a capital letter, simultaneously press the "Code" button and the "Caps" button.


Step 6

View your message by pressing the "<" or ">" keys on your label maker. Your label maker display window will only display six characters at a time. However, by pressing the arrow keys you can scroll your message to the right or left to read the entire message. If you notice that you made an error in your message use the "<" or ">" keys to scroll to the error and press the "Delete" button.

Step 7

Press the "Print" button to print out your label. The label will automatically begin printing.

Step 8

Erase the message when you are done by simultaneously pressing the "Code" button and the "Clear" button.


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