Magic Jack Internet Phone Requirements

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Magic Jack is a device that connects to your computer through the USB port and allows you to use your Internet connection to make phone calls. It uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to allow you clear and cheap phone calls. But not everyone can use Magic Jack. There are Internet and hardware requirements.



Magic Jack requires high-speed Internet and, therefore, you must use either cable, DSL, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max connections. Magic Jack won't work properly with dial-up or satellite Internet connections.


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Your Internet must have a minimum of 128 kb/s upload speed. If you're not sure how fast your Internet connection can upload data, test it out at There's no requirement, however, for download speed.


Hardware and Software

You also will need specific technology on your computer in order to properly use Magic Jack. Your computer must have a USB port, a Windows XP or higher operating system/Intel-made Apple computer and a home phone -- it doesn't matter if it's corded or cordless.


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