My Bose Bass Module Is Not Working

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The Bose bass module that accompanies Bose music sound systems provides the "rumble" and "Boom" that makes watching movies theater-like. There are a number of situations that can cause the Bose bass module to cease functioning, none of which involves a physically damaged module that must be replaced. Troubleshoot the Bose bass module to get to the root of the problem and restore it to full working status.


Step 1

Move the Bose bass module out from under any heavy furniture, such as a couch, which can be crimping the connecting cable attached to the module. Place the Bose bass module in a corner of the room instead, so that the cabling running from the Bose music sound system to the module is free of any obstructions.


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Step 2

Check that the power outlet the Bose bass module's cord is plugged into is receiving power; you can plug a lamp into the outlet to check this. If the power outlet is tied into a light-switch on the wall, ensure that the light switch is in the "On" position so that the power outlet is "live."


Step 3

Eliminate "out of phase" wiring that can cause the audio to cut off from the Bose bass module, by checking that the cables connected from the cube speakers to the modules are in the correct slots: the positive-labeled wire from the front speaker cube must be in the "front speaker" positive-labeled slot on the back of the module, with the negative-labeled wire from the front speaker cube in the "front speaker" negative-labeled slot. This must also be true for the center speaker cube and the front right speaker cube, each having their positive and negative-labeled wires in the respective speaker cube slots on the module's back.





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