My Flat Screen TV Won't Turn on

It is important to fix the power issues on your flat screen television.

A flat screen television is any TV with a flat glass front (instead of the older, rounded televisions). These televisions do not necessarily need to be thin--projection TVs have a flat screen but are still a foot or two deep. If you find your television does not power up properly, you need to troubleshoot the problem. The exact reason may vary, and hopefully you are able to correct the problem. (If the TV has shorted due to an electrical surge, you can't do anything about it).

Step 1

Press the power button on the TV and not the remote control. It is possible the remote control's batteries are dead. If the TV does turn on, you know you need to replace the remote's batteries.

Step 2

Disconnect the power cable from the TV, then insert it into a different electrical outlet. On occasion outlets are damaged, and do not provide a power current. If this is the case, changing the electrical outlet connection corrects the problem.

Step 3

Switch the television's input to a different connection. It may be possible you have the wrong input selected, causing the TV to give off a black screen.

Step 4

Connect a different source device (such as a DVD player or cable receiver) to the television. If the source equipment is damaged, you will not receive an image from the hardware. If the TV still does not display an image, there is an electrical shortage in the interior of the TV. To see if there is any way to fix this issue, you need to take it into a local TV repair shop.