My Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Won't Connect

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Wireless mice and keyboards communicate with radio signals.

Logitech manufactures wireless mice and keyboard sets. The mouse and keyboard communicate with a single wireless receiver hub that plugs directly into two slots on your computer. The hub receives the wireless signal and sends it to your computer. If there's a problem with your mouse and keyboard or hub, they won't connect and your computer's mouse and keyboard don't respond. A variety of issues could cause your connection problem.


Step 1

Verify both the wireless mouse and keyboard are turned on by looking for an "On/Off" switch on their undersides and turning them to the "On" position. Some Logitech keyboards and mice lack these switches and are always on.

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Step 2

Press and release the "Connect" button on the wireless receiver and then press and release the "Connect" button on the bottom of the mouse or keyboard.


Step 3

Verify both connectors attached to the wireless receiver are plugged into the USB or PS/2 slots on your computer. The connecters could have come loose; try pulling them out and plugging them back in.

Step 4

Move the wireless reciever hub around. Devices such as speakers, monitors, cell phones and garage door openers can cause radio interference, which interferes with the wireless connection.


Step 5

Change the batteries on the wireless mouse and keyboard; the batteries may be dead.


Step 6

Verify the batteries are inserted properly by looking at the diagram inside the mouse or keyboard's battery slot; the batteries must be correctly inserted to power the device.


Step 7

Move the wireless keyboard and mouse off a metal surface if you're using them on one; metal surfaces can also cause radio interference.

Step 8

Plug the connectors from the wireless receiver directly into the computer's USB or PS/2 sockets if they're plugged into a USB hub or KVM switch; some USB hubs and KVM switches are not compatible.




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