How to Find Names With Cell Phone Numbers

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It is harder to track the name of a cell phone user than the name of someone with a land line. Users of portable devices often switch network carriers, and their names and numbers do not appear in phone books. Some companies offer access to basic cell phone information for free, but require payment for more detailed information. If you know the cell phone number, you can find out the name of the primary account holder as well as her current home address and the names of other users on her account.


Step 1

Subscribe to a reverse phone service such as Intelius or Reverse Phone Detective for approximately $20. These services provide detailed, current information about the user of the cell phone number. Free services such as National Cellular Directory and Free Reverse Cell Phone Directory allow you to trace cell phone numbers at no cost, but in return you must provide personal information like your own name and cell phone number.


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Step 2

Type the cell phone number into a search engine. With so many social networking and business sites, the Internet has become a huge storage medium for personal information. Although using a search engine may be the easiest way to find the name connected with a cell phone, it requires a little luck because the person would have had to list his cell phone number someplace on the Internet where public search bots could detect and retrieve it.


Step 3

Search an online cell phone directory. Sites like release limited information to searchers, but they do provide the first and last names of unlisted cell phone members. If you search for the carrier and city on free cell phone directories, the information may be outdated if the person you seek recently changed cell phone carriers or relocated.