How to Put a Desktop Icon at the Bottom of the Screen

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You can move frequently used icons to the bottom of the screen.

The Windows desktop gets cluttered with icons and other user-created objects over time. After you install new programs, you can usually choose to place a convenient icon on the desktop, although with some programs this action is automatic. Developers of the Windows operating system and third-party software may inadvertently clutter your desktop. If you would like organized and uncomplicated access to your programs, you can place preferred icons at the bottom of the screen.


Step 1

Right-click directly on the icon from the Windows desktop.

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Step 2

Select "Pin To Taskbar" from the menu.

Step 3

Find the icon positioned to the right of center on the taskbar. Double-click and drag the icon to the left of existing icons if you want it to appear closer to the Start menu side of the taskbar.




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