Reasons to Change a Cell Number

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Cellphones are the main communication device for most people. Since it is a portable device, the user can be reached almost anywhere and at anytime. As a result, when the cellphone rings, the user wants the call to be an acceptable caller. When the calls on a cellphone become a burden to the user, it may be a time to consider changing cellphone numbers.


Nuisance Calls

When your cellphone receives too many nuisance calls, it may be time to change your cellphone number. If you use your cellphone as your primary contact information, the number could be on a telemarketing list and can be sold many times over, so it will be extremely difficult to remove your number from all lists that may have paid to receive it.


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In some cases if you are moving to a new city or country, your cellphone plan may be more expensive. To manage the costs, changing the cellphone number will allow only those that you can afford to call or text to get your new cellphone number. In addition, the state cellular tax may be lower in your new state. Also, if you are moving, you may want an area code that is specific to your new city and doesn't require a long-distance toll fee.


Cellphone Number is for Business Use Only

If you have been operating a small business using your cellphone number and your client base is growing, then you may want to change your cellphone number to accommodate your client base. It would be more professional to have a cellphone greeting that specifically introduces your company and greets your customers appropriately.


Company-Issued Cellphone

When a company issues a cellphone, it pays for the expenses associated with that cellphone. Most companies issuing these cellphones require that the employee only use the phone for business reasons. Some employees give that company cellphone number to close family and friend numbers, but when those calls interfere with the use of the company cellphone, it is time to change that cellphone number for job security.