How to Recover Deleted Email

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You can often recover emails you inadvertently deleted.
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Did you accidentally delete an email that you desperately need to recover? Don't worry, it is often possible to retrieve the deleted email. The accidental deletion of emails and other files is a common occurrence, and it is also the reason why there are several products on the market that help to recover lost files. But you may not even need special software to get the job done.


How to Recover a Deleted Email

Step 1

Check to see whether the deleted email is still recoverable on your email system. Most email services save deleted emails in a trash folder. If you do not find your email in the trash folder, you can try a simple search of your computer's system.

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Step 2

If you have no luck finding the file on your computer's system, you can try a software file recovery program.

Step 3

Look for a software recovery program that supports the email service you use. For example, Data Recovery Wizard specializes in recovery of Microsoft Outlook files. The most popular free software for recovering lost files is ParetoLogic Data Recovery, which helps to recover files lost in Windows, hard drives, SD cards, iPods and more.