How to Scroll a Marquee With Multiple Images

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If you are somewhat familiar with the HTML coding needed to scroll a single image across a page while using the tag, then there is a good chance that it will not be difficult for you to scroll multiple images across the screen. When scrolling multiple images across a HTML page using a tag, you will find that the same basic structure you would use to scroll only one image is used -- with a couple additional image tags.


Step 1

Open the HTML page in which you want to scroll multiple images.

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Step 2

Insert the following code into the section of the document where you want the images to scroll. This should be in between the and tags:


Step 3

Replace "," "" and "" with the file paths or URLs of the images you want to scroll on the page.


You need to use a file path only if you are using an image that is saved on the same server as your website. A file path does not include the "" part of the URL, only what follows the forward slash. For example if the full URL were "," you would only need to insert "image3.jpg."



If the image is taken from another website, you need to insert the full URL. This could be a photo from an online photo server or any other website for which you have the URL of a posted image.

Step 4

Publish the page.



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