How to Find My Security Key for My Router

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Wireless and grounded Internet connections offer quick Internet service for a consumer and their family. To protect their service from any intruders attempting to steal Internet, many people set up security keys for their routers. Unfortunately, security keys can sometimes be easily forgotten, restraining you from connecting to your own router. Gain entry to it by finding your original security key and recording it later in a safe place.


Step 1

Ensure that the connections on your router are all correct and secured. Make sure that your computer indicates it is connected to the router.

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Step 2

Open the folder containing the network connections for your computer. For Windows users, click the "Start button," then click "Control Panel," and then select "Network Connections." Right-click on the icon for your router and click on "Status." Click the "Support" tab. Write down the number given as the default gateway. This will be an eight digit number with periods after the third, sixth and seventh digits.


Step 3

Open a web browser window.

Step 4

Type the default gateway number into the address bar of your browser window and hit "Enter." You may or may not use the prefix "http://," either way will work. This will bring you to the router configuration page. Search through the router settings listed for an entry titled "Security Key" or something similar. This will reveal the security key for that router.



Step 5

Contact the customer support number for your router's manufacturer if you still cannot locate your security key. Ask a customer service representative for any options you have for security key retrieval. In many cases, it may be easier to restore the factory settings on your router and set up the network again.



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