Sharp Television Instructions

Among all of the companies which product televisions for purchase by the public, Sharp is one of the top selling brands. Sharp produces a wide range of televisions, from standard definition tube based TVs, to LCD and Plasma high definition televisions. Whatever the model of Sharp television you have, most are set up and used in the same way.

Connect to Antenna or Cable

Connecting a Sharp television to cable or an antenna is similar to any other televisions. If the cable is coming directly from the wall, insert the cord into the television's "In" coaxial cable port. This port will have groves around it like a screw and one hole in the middle of it. This is the same way you will hook up standard definition Sharp televisions when using an antenna or cable receiver. Connecting an HD televisions to an HD receiver is slightly different. You will need an HDMI cable. Insert the HDMI cable into one of the available HDMI ports. Take the other end and insert it into the HD receiver's HDMI port. This will connect the two devices together and allow you to watch your content in HD.

Selecting Channels

When you first power on the television, your TV will change to every channel, even if you don't currently receive the station. To correct this, power on your cable receiver or antenna. Take the Sharp remote control and press "Options" (on some remotes it will be "Menu"). Navigate over to "Channels," then select "Channel Scan." The Sharp television will scan the TV for all available stations it receives. Then when it is finished you will only be able to change to currently available TV stations.

Change Channel and Volume

You can change the channel and volume in two different ways. First you can use the available buttons on the Sharp television, or you can use the volume and channel buttons on the remote control.

Attach none HD device

If you want to attach a DVD or VCR player to the Sharp television, the best way to do this is with RCA cables. RCA cables are made up of three different input/outputs and have three different colors (Red, Yellow and White). Insert these into the "Out" port of the VCR or DVD player. Connect the other ends to the "In" port on one of the available RCA ports of the television. Make sure they all are in the same row. To watch the content of the VCR or DVD player you will need to take the Sharp remote and press the "Video" button. If there is only one video port, you will only need to press this once. However, if there are multiple video ports, press this button until you reach the appropriate Video port.