Smart Health: 10 Smart Sensors to Improve Your Workout

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Working out has never been easier. Thanks to technology, you can monitor your heart rate and learn exactly what you're getting from each session. With so many workout sensors on the market, it can be tough to decide which ones are right for you. From the clothing you wear to the equipment you use, you can attach devices to monitor your fitness and motivate you to reach your goals.


Fitbit Charge 3 Wristband

Wearable fitness gadgets started as wristbands, and Fitbit Charge 3 dominates that space to this day. It is the only Fitbit that's small enough to be comfortable while going beyond tracking steps to capturing swims and elliptical sessions.


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Nadi X Yoga Pants

If you'll be wearing yoga pants anyway, why not have them double as health devices? Nedi X activewear cues you on where to focus your workout while the app guides you through exercises.


Tangram Smart Rope

Jump roping is a great way to burn calories quickly. The Tangram Smart Rope uses LEDs to display your stats in midair as you jump. It also syncs with an app that tracks your jump count, calories burned, time elapsed and progress toward your goals.


Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

The accuracy of heart rate monitoring in fitness sensors has been called into question. Polar H10's workout sensors promise to provide the most accurate rating ever, whether you're swimming, lifting weights or engaging in normal daily activities.


NEXUS Compression Sleeve

If you lift weights, the NEXUS Compression Sleeve is the way to go. The sleeve tracks the power and velocity of every move you make as you go through your daily workout.

PowerDot Muscle Recovery Tool

An intense workout can take a toll on the body. The PowerDot helps you relax and recover after a workout, using a combination of sensors and an app.


Beast Gym and Strength Workout Sensors

As advanced as health devices are today, monitoring the quality of each workout is still a challenge. Beast tracks your gym and strength performance and offers feedback through an app.


Moov Now

A personal fitness coach can be just what you need to maintain your motivation. Moov Now goes beyond typical fitness gadgets by gauging your heart rate and movements and providing guidance in response to what you're doing.



If you're a biker, you may have noticed there aren't many fitness gadgets that address your specific activity. LifeBEAM Gear is a helmet that monitors your heart rate and movements, offering a record of your performance.



Workout sensors generally attach to the body, but there's no reason they have to. ViaFit connects to your workout equipment to deliver information to the apps on your smartphone.