Sony Blu Ray Player Does Not Connect to Internet With Ethernet

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With Internet video streaming becoming popular, connecting your Sony Blu-ray player to the Internet gives you instant access to content such as Netflix and Hulu TV. However, connection problems generally arise if the network you're connecting to is faulty, or if the Ethernet connection is not properly configured. Sony provides solutions to improve Sony Blu-ray Ethernet network connections to maximize online entertainment.


Wired Setup

If your Sony Blu-ray player won't connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable, the wired connection is most likely improperly configured. Inspect the Ethernet connection from the player to the router or modem. If you're using a wireless router connected to a DSL or cable modem, connect one end of the cable into the Ethernet port on the back of the player and connect the other end into an Ethernet port on the router. If you're using a modem without a router, connect the cable to an Ethernet port on the modem. Select "Network Settings" from the player's menu, select "Internet Settings," and then select "Wired Setup." Follow the guided prompts to complete the wired setup and connect to the Internet.


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Network Connection Problems

In most cases, a Sony Blu-ray player won't connect to the Internet with an Ethernet cable if the network you're connecting to is faulty or experiencing technical difficulty. If the modem is unable to connect to the Internet Service Provider, pressing the "Reset" button on the device usually restores network connectivity. If the modem doesn't have a reset button, turning off the device for at least 30 seconds and then turning it back on restores a lost connection. If the Blu-ray player still can't connect to the Internet, connect another device such as a laptop to the modem or router. If the device doesn't connect, the problem is with the Internet Service Provider, so contact your provider.


Resetting Sony Blu-ray Player

If the Sony Blu-ray player is still unable to connect to the Internet, the device's hardware is most likely the problem. If you have connected the Ethernet cable correctly to a functioning network, reset the player to the default factory settings. To reset the Sony Blu-ray player, select "Setup" from the home menu. Scroll down the setup and select the "Resetting" option to reset the device. Once reset, the default factory settings are restored automatically. After resetting the player, run the wired configuration wizard again.



If the connection problem persists, contact Sony for additional support. The problem could be with the player's hardware. If such is the case, professional troubleshooting and inspection is necessary. Avoid tampering with the Blu-ray player or you risk damaging it and violating a limited or extended warranty in the process.