The Advantages of Smart TV

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Perhaps the most significant change in television technology is the advent of the Smart TV. Enabling new possibilities, this technology is positioned to revolutionize the medium of television. As this revolution takes place, recognize the difference between Smart TV products and the devices that are assuming the name. Smart TV is far more than a vehicle that delivers the moving images: it's a versatile technology that an assortment of television media, hardware and software companies hope to dominate by offering irresistible features and advantages.



Smart TV technology combines Ethernet ports, integrated WiFi capability, Internet-based streaming video and online personal support with the medium of television. Single hardware units with built-in processors and operating systems enable customization options to suit your needs. These features combined allow you to run apps, chat with friends, play games, check the weather, listen to music, engage in social networking and watch television on a Smart TV.


The technology allows you to create your own television programming schedule so that you can watch what you want, when you want, with who you want. Smart TV companion apps synced with television programming converts your television time into a socializing opportunity as broadcasters and third-party innovators strive to develop technology that incorporates community-driven votes, quizzes and show-specific predictions games into television programming.


Keyboard Remote Control

Smart TVs come with remote controls that offer more than conventional remotes. In addition to standard volume and power controls, Smart TV remotes feature a functional computer keyboard, optical mouse and navigation buttons. All of a standard keyboard's essential buttons and numerical keys appear on a Smart TV remote control as well.

Device Connections

Multiple USB ports enable connecting devices, such as a cellphone or digital camera, to the Smart TV. After you connect a device to the Smart TV, you can upload its images and videos, just as you would with your desktop or laptop. This content can then be shared with friends, uploaded into your favorite online video or photo hosting service and posted on a social networking website.