The Advantages of Wireless Hotspots

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Access the Internet while having a drink.

A Wi-Fi hot spot is any area where you can access the Internet using a wireless device. A hot spot is created by setting up a wireless local area network. In most hot spots, you bring your own Wi-Fi enabled device to use. Hosting a hot spot has many advantages, as does using a hot spot.


Hot Spot Hosting

If you host a Wi-Fi hot spot, you are giving your customers access to high-speed wireless Internet. This gives you an edge over competitors who don't offer a hot spot, as you're providing something extra. This could attract more customers to your business and increase revenue. You also have access to a private network that you and your employees can use for personal and professional purposes. If you own a cafe or a restaurant, people are likely to become regular patrons if they know they can access the Internet there. If you run a hotel, hosting a hot spot will encourage guests to stay longer as they don't have to rush back home to check their email. It's easy to advertise the fact that you host a hot spot, as you can just put a sign in your window or submit information to a hot spot directory.


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Using a Hot Spot

You can use several portable devices to access the Internet in a hot spot, including laptops and Wi-Fi phones. Most of these devices are now Wi-Fi enabled. Using your own device in a hot spot is advantageous because you have easy access to all your online accounts and bookmarks. The broadband connection in most hot spots is much faster than that of most cell phones. A hot spot is a convenient place to check your email for important updates while you're on the go. Many coffeehouses, bars and restaurants offer hot spots, meaning you can get something to eat or drink while you go online. Hot spots in bookstores allow customers to compare the prices of titles or browse book recommendations online before searching the store for the most highly recommended titles. Hot spots at airports are convenient because people can go on the Internet before getting on a long-haul flight and turning their device off for several hours. If you're staying at a hotel that has a hot spot, you can use the Internet as if you were at home without having to go to an Internet cafe.


Free Hot Spots

Free hot spots are beneficial to Wi-Fi users, not only because they don't cost anything but also because users can go directly online without spending time buying vouchers or working out how much they want to spend. If you're hosting a hot spot, you can benefit from making it free to use. A free hot spot is a powerful marketing tool. If you tell customers they can use the Internet for free on your premises, you're likely to get more foot traffic. People will stay longer and buy more of your products in order to justify their stay or make it more enjoyable.