The Disadvantages of Software Piracy

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Software piracy is the unauthorized installation or illegal copying of software. It affects everyone. Prices for software increase, because developers need to make a living. People who work with software also charge more to pay for the extra costs. These costs are passed on to the public, which pays more to benefit from what the software produces.



Software piracy is stealing. You are taking the product of another person without acknowledgment, permission or payment. The maximum penalties are 250,000 dollars in fines and up to five years in prison. Ignorance is not a excuse.


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Expenses Passed Along

Piracy is unfair to your neighbor. Someone has to pay for software, and it is the honest person who pays extra for everyone who copies software illegally. According to a study, back in 2001, software companies lost 11 billion dollars in revenue and approximately 40 percent of business software was pirated.




We all have a responsibility to say no to software piracy. Buy only legal copies of software with serial numbers. Install the software on only one machine, unless you have multiple licenses. Educate yourself and others.




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