Top Gadgets for New Parents

Comedian Ray Romano said, "Having children is like living in a frat house—nobody sleeps, everything's broken, and there's a lot of throwing up." As a proud new parent, you're about to experience the truth of those words firsthand. Fortunately, technology has come up with gadgets to help reduce the up-all-night atmosphere. Glancing at the list below, you may ask: "Where's the whizz-bang?"—as in, "I want blinking LED lights, 4K screens, Bluetooth, and a robot nanny." Our answer: You won't care about whizz-bang at 2:00 AM when your baby is screaming his or her cute little head off. You will only care about whether the device works. These work.

NoseFrida: "The Snotsucker"

NoseFrida "The Snotsucker" Nasal Aspirator is your go-to "baby booger buster," to quote the company's own words, proving that there is no tasteful way to discuss this topic. Just accept that this invention is a life-saver for parents and a huge improvement over its predecessor—the dreaded bulb suction aspirator, which could hurt the baby, was far less effective, and ended up covered in snot.

Invented by a Swedish ear, nose, and throat doctor, the snotsucker is a tube that you place on your baby's nose creating a seal. You suck on a mouthpiece attached to the other end. No snot or bacteria will reach your mouth thanks to a hygiene filter. When done, simply throw away the used filter and clean the rest with soap and water.

Babies can't blow their own noses. But they produce copious amounts of snot. NoseFrida helps you save your baby from painful headaches created by the pressure of a clogged nose. You'll also get some much needed sleep, as your baby won't be crying through the night thanks to your recently discovered prowess at sucking snot. (Yup, still no polite way to talk about this.)

The "Snotsucker" nasal aspirator retails for $16.

GB Pockit Stroller

The GB Pocket Stroller may be the closest thing to nanotechnology without actually being nanotechnology. It won a Guinness World Record for most compact stroller. In two simple steps it folds into a handbag-shaped package measuring 11.8 inches by 7 inches by 13.8 inches. Despite its compact form, it can hold a 55-pound child.

This stroller is perfect for parents who love to travel. As other parents struggle to stuff their bulkier strollers into the overhead bins—blocking the airplane aisle, and banging other people on the head as their stroller slips from their grasp—you can pat yourself on the back for having the sense to invest in a GB Pocket Stroller, as it gracefully slides into place above your seat.

The GB Pockit Stroller is available for $250.

The Noggle

The Noggle is designed to help your baby keep cool while sitting in a car seat. It's a flexible tube that channels your car's air conditioning to your baby in the back seat. Installation takes 30 seconds. You zip-tie a plastic "dash plate" to one of your AC vents and attach the tube to the plate. Then simply point the other end of the tube at your baby.

We all know what it's like to jump into a hot car after it's been sitting for an hour or two in the parking lot at the mall or maybe outside the pediatrician's office. If you feel uncomfortable as you wait for the AC to kick in, imagine what your baby in the backseat goes through. With the Noggle, the comfort level goes up right away.

The device comes in three lengths: 6, 8, and 10 feet. Choose the right size for your needs after taking into account how far away the back seat is, whether the baby's car seat is front- or rear-facing, and whether you need to reach a third row.

The 6-foot version retails for $40.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

It's Keurig for babies! The Baby Brezza Formula Pro mixes baby formula and water at just the right temperature and consistency. In seconds, the water and formula mix in the funnel and the machine dispenses a "fresh, perfectly mixed, and heated bottle" every time—with zero water bubbles. You'll appreciate the speed and efficiency when your baby wakes up hungry and needs that bottle now.

The machine lets you store formula and water inside it, so it's always ready to go. You can use any type of commercial formula you like. (Extra thick formula may require an additional shake or two.) The drip tray is adjustable and accommodates most bottle sizes. The machine dispenses formula in amounts suitable for for 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10-ounce bottles.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro won a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval award.

It's available for $180.

Photo credits: Fridababy, Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd., The Noggle, Baby Brezza.