Top Ten Free Proxy Servers

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Proxies are a great way to gain access to websites blocked by institutions such as school or work. Sometimes, even your government takes away your freedom to explore all the information on the Web. Proxy services give you a safe and secure way to browse the Internet without allowing your private information to be accessed.



Foxyproxy is for use with Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey and Songbird. It is a set of management tools that allows you to use your existing browser with all the perks of a proxy, giving you access when otherwise restricted and anonymity from the Internet. Features include one-click on/off proxy switch, URL proxy switching, configurable mouse buttons, remembering proxy usernames and passwords, multiple access points and one-click proxy-cycling.

With a high anonymity level and average access times of 0.3 seconds, this proxy is one of the current top proxy servers available. It allows features such as form submission and browsing SSL-encrypted pages. It is a relatively new server that has been up since February 2010. Being based in the U.S., it allows you to access U.S. content only.


Another super-fast proxy that will protect your identity while allowing you to work around the filters imposed by your school or workplace. With, you can access popular sites that may be blocked by network restrictions. is a well-known proxy for surfing the Net. Your IP address is changed to their address, located in Texas, so that you remain anonymous. You will be able to get around restrictions imposed by school or work. If someone attempts to view your Web history, it will be disguised by an encrypted URL. also protects against hackers and identity fraud, making your browsing more secure. It increase security by adding another layer between you and the people who may attempt to intercept data. It is also made more secure by the use of SSL encryption. works with most websites that even other proxies are not fully functional with.

Advertisement is another Web-based proxy. It allows you to unblock sites, such as YouTube, Bebo, Facebook and MySpace, that may be restricted. It also provides anonymity.

A proxy often used to bypass the restrictions instituted by schools to disallow access to certain websites.


Another Web-based proxy that works to provide a secure surfing environment by changing your IP address and encrypting your network traffic. is an easy-to-use site that allows you to simply enter the URL and browse without downloading or installing any software. provides security through proprietary encryption. It, like other proxies, hides your IP and encrypts your browsing history, keeping your information safe and secure.


Bypassproxy allows you to explore your freedom to access information. It takes away the ability to have your exploration of the information age hampered by restrictions set by other parties. By hiding your IP address and your browsing history, it gives you safety and security. By giving you access to previously blocked sites, it gives you satisfaction.

High anonymity and half-second average access time make using a good idea. It allows you to surf the Web in a fast, effective and secure fashion. uses a caching program that saves previously downloaded sites, giving you faster access to Web pages.