How to Trick My HP Printer to Print Without Any Color Ink

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"Trick" your HP printer to allow you to print in black and white only.

Many computer printer users complain both of the cost of new ink cartridges and the frequency at which they need to be replaced. As of 2010, it is not unusual for a new set of cartridges to cost over $100, so the concern is understandable. One particularly frustrating circumstance is when the color cartridge(s) are empty, you wish to print in black and white only, and the printer will not allow it. Fortunately, there is a work around for this situation on an HP printer.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the printer's control panel.

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Step 2

Press either the "<" button or the ">" button to navigate to the "Service" setting and press "Enter."


Step 3

Press either the "<" button or the ">" button to navigate to "Restore Defaults," and then press "Enter." This process will cause the HP printer to reset to the original factory default settings.


Step 4

Return to your computer and click "Print" in the file that you are attempting to print. Select "properties," and then click on the "Color" tab.

Step 5

Click to place a check mark in the check box labeled as "Print in grayscale," and you will be able to print in black and white.




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