How to Reset Ink Cartridge Levels for an HP Deskjet Printer

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If your Hewlett Packard DeskJet printer is giving a low-ink message, even though you think your cartridge still has some ink left, you can simply reset the ink levels for the printer. Once you reset the ink levels, you will be able to confirm whether the cartridge is really empty. If it is indeed empty, you can replace it with a new cartridge.


Step 1

Turn off your HP DeskJet printer. Turn it back on and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

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Step 2

Click open the "Start" menu on your computer. Click on "Control Panel," and double-click "Printer and Faxes."


Step 3

Locate the icon of your HP DeskJet Printer along with its model number. Right-click this icon and click on "Properties" from the pop-up list.


Step 4

Click the "Services" tab and select "Service This Device."


Step 5

Select the "Estimated Ink Level" tab. Click the option "Reset Ink Level." The printer will then show a refreshed ink cartridge level for your printer.




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