How to Troubleshoot an iPhone Touch Screen That is Not Working

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Even though the iPhone is a device that is extremely convenient to have, it still can cause frustrations. Specifically, there may be times when the touch screen does not work properly. There are different ways that the iPhone touch screen could have problems. Although there are times when the screen does not work altogether, there are other situations when certain portions of the screen work and others don't. Of course, it is possible that the whole screen works, but simply is slow. Regardless of the exact problem, there are ways to troubleshoot the iPhone to diagnose the real problem.


Step 1

Remove the wiping cloth that came in the small black envelope along with the iPhone. Wipe the smudges or dust off of the screen using this cloth. It is best to wipe in a circular motion.

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Step 2

Do not put lotion on your hands and do not touch the screen if your hands are wet. Any kind of moisture can affect the way the touchscreen operates. Moisture sometimes slows the response time from the screen to the operating system.


Step 3

Check for a protective sheet on the screen. If there is some kind of a film or sheet on the touchscreen, the screen is likely not able to react to all of the sensitivities of the touch of a finger like it normally would.

Step 4

If there is an application open and the touchscreen seems to not be working, you may want to simply close the application and re-try it. A frozen application can usually be closed by pressing and holding on the circular button located just below the touchscreen.



Step 5

Press and hold the home button as well as the reset button on the top of the phone to turn the iPhone off. A red slider will appear. Slide it to the right to turn the phone off. Press again on the reset button on the top to turn the phone back on.

Step 6

Completely reset the iPhone by holding the home button and the reset button for a full 10 seconds until the phone resets and the Apple logo appears on the phone.


If you are using the iPhone in cold weather and wearing gloves, the iPhone will not react to the gloves like it will react to the touch of a finger.


If the touchscreen is dirty, do not run the iPhone under water. Doing this will likely ruin the phone, but even if it doesn't it will possibly make the phone run slower.