Vizio Sound Bar Problems

When your Vizio sound bar stops putting out sound, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the problem. In most cases, issues with your Vizio sound bar can be quickly resolved by checking your connections and settings to ensure that everything is actually set up properly.

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Check Power Connection

The first thing you should check is your sound bar's power connection. Vizio sound bars require a connection to a power outlet: If the power cable is unplugged from the sound bar or the power outlet, the sound bar can't be turned on. If you're using a power strip, check to make sure the power switch on the strip hasn't been turned off.

Check Cable Connections

The next thing to check is the cable connection between the sound bar and your television/set-top box. If your sound bar uses an analog connection with red and white cables, make sure that the cables are connected to the Audio-Out jacks on your device. If they're plugged into the Audio-In jacks, that's likely the source of your problem: Audio-in is for playing another device's audio through the TV's speakers, not TV audio through your sound bar.

Cycle Through Input Channels

If all the cables are connected properly and the sound bar is still not producing sound, you may be on the wrong input channel. Cycle through the input channels on your sound bar using the Input button on your remote or the sound bar. Wait about five seconds on each channel to make sure it doesn't have sound before moving on to the next.

Check Wireless Pairing

If your sound bar features a wireless subwoofer and/or satellite speakers, check to make sure the subwoofer is properly paired and powered on. Check the power cord and the power switch, then look for the Pairing button on your subwoofer. Nearby should be an LED indicator light: If it's blinking, then the subwoofer and any attached satellite speakers aren't paired to the sound bar. Press and hold the Pairing button for five seconds, until it blinks rapidly, then do the same with the Pairing button on your sound bar. If your sound bar doesn't have a Pairing button, press and hold the Power button for five seconds instead. Make sure the subwoofer and sound bar have a clear line of sight to ensure optimal connection strength.

Contact Customer Support

If your sound bar is still experiencing issues even after following all the troubleshooting steps, there may be a hardware issue with your sound bar. Contact Vizio customer support for specialized troubleshooting tips and diagnosis of the problem, which may require a technician or replacement of the sound bar.

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