How to Fix a Vizio Sound Bar Remote

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You've just sat down to watch your favorite show but for some reason your Vizio sound bar remote is not working to turn the volume up or down. Don't panic as this is a pretty common issue and can usually be fixed with a little bit of troubleshooting.


Remote Placement Issues

The most common explanation for a Vizio Sound bar remote not working is the signal not reaching the IR sensor on the Vizio sound bar itself. Make sure that you are pointing the remote at the front center of the Vizio sound bar and are not further than 10 feet away from the device when pressing a button. Also make sure that the Vizio sound bar is not being blocked by any other devices or items as this can cause the sound bar remote to not work. Move the sound bar to a shelf or onto the floor by itself and point the remote at the device. If the remote works then you know that a device or item is blocking it in its usual placement.


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Vizio Sound Bar Remote Battery

Your Vizio sound bar remote may stop working if the battery in the remote is dead or nearly dead. You may be able to get the remote to temporarily work again by taking out and replacing the battery, but you will need to plan on replacing with a new battery immediately. Vizio sound bar remotes do not use AA or AAA batteries as most TV and universal remotes do. The Vizio sound bar remote instead uses a Lithium button battery, typically the CR2025. Take the back off your Vizio sound bar remote and check what type of battery your remote uses. Never try a different version of the battery as this may damage your remote.


Bluetooth Applications

Most Vizio sound bars come with built-in Bluetooth capability which means that you can connect other devices to the sound bar through Bluetooth. You may not always be able to control the content streaming from these devices to your sound bar with the Vizio remote. Streaming applications like Pandora, Netflix and Hulu do not support all of the buttons on the Vizio sound bar remote, so buttons like the "Back" button won't work on these. Your Vizio sound bar remote is functioning normally if you can still adjust the volume and change inputs with it, even if it doesn't fully work with other applications.


Replace Remote

You may have a faulty remote if it is not working even after changing the battery and moving the sound bar so that nothing is in its way. Vizio sound bar remotes may stop working due to being dropped or having liquids spilled on them. The only solution in this case is to replace the remote. You can contact Vizio to get a new sound bar remote or purchase a universal remote from your local store. Check that the universal remote you purchase is compatible with your sound bar by checking the compatibility on the back of the remote box.