What Are the Best CD Players for Kids?

The best CD players for kids are those that are durable enough to stand up to getting bumped, dropped or even wet from time to time. While CD players have come down in price quite significantly over the years, you still don't want to pay to replace them every few months, which is why selecting the right CD player for your children is important. Looking at the different features available today can help you to find the perfect model for your children.

Colors & Characters

One popular CD player option for children is a device that features images of characters from movies and TV shows. You can purchase CD players with Disney princesses or Marvel superheroes, for example, depending on the preferences of your child. The Dora the Explorer CD player, SAKAR Spiderman CD Boombox and Barbie Boombox <ahref="http: superitchy.com="" cd-players-for-kids="" "=""> </ahref="http:>are excellent choices. Some CD players even have LED lights that will blink with the beat of the music.

Sing-Along Options

Sing-along CD players are effectively a CD player and Karaoke machine in one, and come with both headphones and a microphone so your child can sing along to a wide range of different songs. Some great examples include a CD player & Microphone set, CD Sing-A-Long Karaoke Machine with an LED light show, and Little Virtuoso Sing-Along CD Player.

Boombox CD Players

If your son or daughter likes to listen to music with their friends, a boombox style CD player might be the best option. These have speakers that can let groups of kids enjoy the music together. Axess Red Portable Boombox MP3/CD Player is a particularly durable option. The Disney Toy Story CD Boom Box and Hello Kitty Stereo CD Boombox are also great options. Boomboxes can also be used with batteries or be plugged into the wall for additional flexibility.


You do not want to purchase an extremely low-cost device, as these are more likely to break down quickly.