What Do BlackBerry Messenger Symbols Mean?

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BBS icons make chatting intuitive.
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The BlackBerry Messenger application, also called BBM, allows you to send a message to a friend or hold a conversation with a large group, and gives you the tools to share work, listen to music or play games with friends. BlackBerry Messenger uses icons to alert you to the status of chats and messages. You can also click on some of these icons to view your calendar, pictures, groups and contact list.


Chat Icons

When you send a chat message to a contact using BBS, one of six icons appear on the screen. A series of three black waves means that your message is being sent to the contact. When the message is successfully sent, a check mark appears on the screen. A check mark with a "D" over it also indicates a successful message delivery. When the contact reads the message, an "R" appears over the check mark. To see the contact's current location, tap the red pin icon. To insert an emoticon into the message, tap the smiling face icon.


Groups Icons

When you join a BlackBerry group, you can collaborate and share work with everyone in the group. Each group has its own page filled with icons that let you see your contacts and other related information. Tap the icon depicting two people to see all members of a group. To start a group chat, tap the speech balloon icon. To see your shared lists, tap the icon showing a check-marked sheet of paper. Tap the icon of a landscape to see shared pictures. Tap the calendar icon to see your group's calendar. To add a new group member, tap the picture of a person next to a "+" symbol. Tap the white speech bubble to see group comments. To hear a voice note, tap the microphone icon. Tap the picture of white and blue people to view a new group notification. To see the group administrator, tap the key icon.


Contact List Icons

Several icons appear on the main screen of the BlackBerry Messenger. A red and white asterisk icon appears next to all new items, such as messages or images. When you launch a new chat, a blue speech balloon appears. A white speech balloon indicates an open chat. Blue and gray speech bubbles indicate an open conference. A yellow circle appears next to an unread chat message. Read the message to delete the icon. A gray cell phone icon depicts a text message chat or contact.

Other Icons

If a blue and white question mark appears on the BlackBerry Messenger main menu, tap it to view a system message. A red circle with a horizontal white line indicates that the messenger service is busy. Wait a minute before sending any messages. A yellow square with a white exclaimantion mark inside indicates a set availability notification. A yellow square with a white question mark in it denotes a pending contact. When an action is pending, a red and white square appears. A music note appears when a music file plays.


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