What Do People Use Laptops for?

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Some own a desktop computer for recreation and choose to keep a laptop for work related files.

The advent of laptops provided a convenient and portable alternative to personal computers. Some may choose to have a Microsoft desktop, but want a MacBook laptop for differentiation, or vice-versa. Whether it's for school, work, storing particular files, recording music or even gaming, there are many reasons to choose a laptop.



Most people decide to purchase laptops due to their portability and convenient size. Those who write or work online will find their laptops more convenient; they are portable, while a PC is not. Those working in a graphic design field will find it easier to show their client examples of their work with their laptop. Laptops can be brought elsewhere to work or play on, such as a coffee shop or a friend's house.

For School

Students who attend college or university use laptops for schoolwork. Not only are laptops convenient for storing homework on, but they also allow for easy transportation to class. For people who are quicker at typing than they are writing by hand, laptops will help with taking notes while keeping up with the speaker. For some, it is more convenient to have a desktop computer for recreational reasons while having a laptop specifically for study purposes.


For Music

For the musically inclined, laptops make for easy recording. Many laptops on the market now include a built in microphone as well as a camera. Microsoft computers have the ability to have the Acoustica music program while MacBook's have the Garage Band function. These two programs allow for on-the-go mixing and recording. Recording with laptops will also help artists get the ideas down quicker before they forget them. Having recorded items on your laptop will let you take the laptop to your friend's or even a professional recording studio and receive feedback, or add additional recordings from another person.


For Gaming

While laptops usually possess smaller gigabytes, ram, and an inferior video card, many gamers still use laptops to play video games. The convenience of a portable gaming system makes laptops an option for gamers. While the standard laptop is usually not as compatible with online gaming, there are brands, such as Alien Ware, which make souped up laptops specifically for gamers.


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