What Do Symbols for the Garmin nuvi Mean?

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The Garmin nuvi is a vehicle navigation unit designed for your car. It uses GPS satellite signals to determine its location and route you to a destination. The nuvi has a color touch screen with soft key controls. Each button has a picture and most also use a word to identify the key.

Large Main Menu Icons

The "Main Menu" screen has two large icons. The "Where To?" icon is used to find a destination and has a picture of a large magnifying glass. The "View Map" icon is used to see the map of your current area and has a picture of a map. Along the bottom of the screen are three other icons.


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Small Main Menu Icons

The "Main Menu" screen has three to five smaller icons along the bottom of the screen depending on your model. The picture of a telephone receiver is used to make a phone call with a cell phone connected to the nuvi. The volume icon looks like a sideways triangle with three semicircular lines radiating from it. The toolbox icon looks either like a wrench or like a toolbox depending on your model and it takes you to the settings menu.


Where To Icons

The "Where To" screen is used to set destinations and has six icons. The "Address" icon used to route to an address has a magnifying glass and an envelope. The "Go Home" icon is a picture of a house and will route you home. The "Points of Interest" icon has a picture of a bed and eating utensils and will take you to a database to search for nearby establishments. The "Recently Found" icon has a picture of a folder and is used to find locations you've recently searched for, while the "Favorites" icon is shaped like a heart and is where you'll find locations you have saved. The "Intersections" icon looks like a plus sign and is used to route to an intersection.


Othe Icons

The spinning arrow symbol is used to take you to the previous screen. Tap the picture of a car driving on the map to find your current location information.