What Is a Phone Creeper?

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Users of "infected" devices are often unaware of Phone Creeper's presence.
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Phone Creeper, a free software application from the independent developer known as "Chet Striker," is a somewhat controversial espionage tool. This mobile app allows users to covertly install a program onto mobile phones and then use their own phones to remotely control the "infected" device and spy on the device's owner.


Basic Use

Users issue commands to Phone Creeper via SMS messages sent to the "infected" mobile phone. Via these messages, users can read – and even delete – incoming and outgoing text messages from the "infected" device. The app also lets users spy on the remote phone's owner by silently calling the mobile device and enabling its speaker phone. Additionally, Phone Creeper allows users to view call histories, redirect text messages from the remote phone to other phones and remotely wipe memory from flash cards. All of these actions occur secretly, without the consent of the remote phone's user.


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Additional Features

Since the app's initial release, Chet Striker has updated Phone Creeper with additional new features. Features range from the trivial – such as the ability to send secret offensive noises to a remote phone – to the pivotal, such as the ability to access the remote phone's GPS location. Other features allow Phone Creeper users to view sent call logs, received SMS logs, appointments, tasks and contacts. Updates to the program also allow for silent uninstalling of apps or programs.


Installation and Compatibility

The Phone Creeper espionage suite, which works on Windows Mobile 5, 6.1 and 6.5 operating platforms, can be silently installed by inserting an SD file with the appropriate program files into the phone to be remotely accessed. In 2011, Chet Striker introduced a program for Android known as OVERVI3W. This app features all of Phone Creeper's functionality, plus the ability to view the program's interface via Web browser.



Phone Creeper has a resemblance to malicious spyware, and as such, could be considered unethical to use. Though users must agree to install Phone Creeper, the program runs completely silently and invisibly; not only is it interface-free, it does not appear in the task manager or under any lists of installed programs.