What Is a PIN Drive?

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Flash drives may or may not contain an encryption PIN.

Portable USB flash drives present a constant security concern. If you lose the drive, anybody who finds it can access your personal or business information. For this eventuality, developers created the USB flash PIN drive. Before buying, there are a few things you should know about it.


Drive Basics

A PIN drive is much like any other USB flash drive. You can insert it into your computer via a USB port and load it up with information. A PIN drive, however, requires you to insert a personal identification number (PIN) before you can access the drive.


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PIN drives vary in the level of security they contain. Some drives may contain a small PIN while others may contain much longer PINs. Generally, a USB flash drive PIN will range from seven to 15 characters.


Buying It

You must buy a flash drive specifically labeled as "PIN Drive." Otherwise, it may contain a password or other encryption but it won't be a PIN drive. Many companies provide PIN drives. You can search online or ask in your local computer store.





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