What Is FancyStart Daemon on an ASUS Computer?

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FancyStart is exclusive to ASUS computers.
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The ASUS FancyStart Daemon is a program included with some ASUS computers that lets you customize the boot splash screen. The splash screen appears after you turn on the computer and before Windows starts to load. FancyStart is a non-essential program and only serves to modify the screen's appearance prior to loading Windows. You may opt to use the program to add a little personal touch to your computer.


Modifying the Boot Screen

ASUS computers customize FancyStart through an editor in Windows, but toggle using the feature in the system BIOS. FancyStart lets you configure a central picture, a background image and an image frame to compose a three-layer picture on the boot screen. Additionally, you can set a custom audio file to play during the splash screen. The program also supports setting up picture sequences for animation or random picture selection for a carousel effect.

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Removing FancyStart

Uninstalling FancyStart will disable the ability to customize the boot splash screen; however, removing the program will not disable any other features. It's possible to uninstall the FancyStart configuration tool through Windows, but it is a small program and doesn't affect system performance so there's little benefit to doing it. Instead, you can enable or disable FancyStart through the system BIOS under the "Advanced" tab. You can access the BIOS on FancyStart compatible computers by pressing "F8" or "Del" during the boot splash screen.