What Is PBC on a DVD Player?

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DVD players come with so many features that people don't always realize what they have.

In this age of ever-changing technology, electronics manufacturers continue to include an increasing number of innovative features in their products. DVD players are no exception to this trend. But, because DVD players have features that doesn't mean people understand them.


What Does PBC Stand For?

One function that some people do not seem to understand is what "PBC," when related to their DVD player, means. PBC stands for "playback control."

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Playback of What?

Compact discs (CDs) typically are used for the storing and playing back of music. However, there are also VCDs and SVCDs.



A VCD or video compact disc is used for music as is a standard CD. However, a VCD can also hold video that is in the MPEG-1 format.


A SVCD or super video compact disc is similar to a VCD except that it stores video in MPEG-2 format.



VCD and SVCD on DVD Players

DVD players that are equipped with PBC are players that allow for the playing of VCDs and SVCDs. It also allows the user to have interactive control over the content of these discs via a remote control. This technology is pretty standard on most modern standalone DVD players.




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