What Is "Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation?"

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Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation is an audio file for recent versions of Windows that prevents other applications from modifying audio-related content and plug-ins. The application also serves as the audio engine for Windows. The process typically launches when you start your computer and is nothing to worry about if you see it pop up in the Task Manager box.


File Features

Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation runs under the process name "audiodg.exe" and is a component of the Microsoft Windows Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. The file runs the audio engine for Windows, which allows third party code from vendor audio applications to run sound in the computer system. The process is not crucial to basic computer functions.


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Process Purpose

The process ensures that additional audio through a third party vendor is not lost in the Windows coding process, therefore allowing computer users to listen to audio without interruption. The audiodg.exe process also handles Digital Rights Management (DRM), which in requires that some audio samples go through a protection process to prevent illegal copying.


File Removal

While the audiodg.exe file will not harm your computer or affect running programs, some users may wish to disable the process if the file is using too much memory or consuming available computer resources. To remove the file, launch the Task Manager, click the "Process" tab and locate the file under the name Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation. From here, you will be able to disable the program. The process will relaunch when the computer restarts or reboots, unless you also remove it from the Startup folder.


Virus Alert

The audiodg.exe application is not a virus. However, since it's an executable file, it's possible for malware, trojans or viruses to hide inside the file name and infiltrate your system. Users can avoid potentially dangerous issues by updating anti-virus programs and running scans regularly. Also note that the Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation application only runs with Windows 8, 7 and Vista. Therefore, users who see the process on an earlier version of Windows should immediately treat the file as a virus and remove it.