Where Do I Locate My Account Balance on iTunes?

In iTunes, your account balance shows how much money you've added to your account through gift cards or by using iTunes Pass at an Apple Store. When you buy anything from the iTunes Store -- music, movies, apps or books -- iTunes deducts the necessary funds from your balance, if you have one, rather than billing your credit card.

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Location on Your Computer

In iTunes 12 on your computer, click Sign In and log in with your Apple ID, if you aren't already signed in. Click your name on the menu bar to see your account balance.

Account menu with balance
The account icon shows up across all tabs in your library and the store.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple

ITunes also shows your balance in two other locations: in the upper right corner of the window while in the iTunes Store and on the Account Information page.

Balance in iTunes Store
Your balance always shows up on the Store home page.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple
Balance in Account Information
Reach the Apple ID Summary page by selecting Account Info after clicking your name.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Location on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Both the iTunes Store app and the App Store app on iOS also show your account balance. In either app, open the first tab (Music in the iTunes Store app or Featured in the App Store app) and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. You'll see your balance listed directly below your Apple ID. If you opt to have iTunes charge your credit card with each purchase, you won't see a balance.

Balance in iTunes Store app
If you aren't logged in with the right ID, tap Apple ID to sign out.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple
iTunes account without funds
You won't see an empty balance in the menu or in the store.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple
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