Why Did My Plasma TV Color Change?

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Changing colors on your plasma screen TV could be a signal of an internal problem that needs to be repaired or it could be something relatively simple to fix. Color change on a plasma TV is a common issue that can sometimes happen after many hours of use. Taking the proper steps can allow you to extend the life of your TV and enjoy it as you did shortly after purchase.


Natural Aging

When using a plasma TV regularly, it will age to some degree. The half life of some plasma TVs is over 100,000 hours, according to Plasma TV Buying Guide, but the sharpness of the image can fade a bit. According to tests run by CNET, plasma screen colors tend to look more red after the first year of use and the blacks can look either darker or lighter. If you leave your plasma TV on more than most people, it could age a little bit faster and the colors could start to change more quickly than normal.


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Settings Change

Another reason that your plasma TV may look different is because of a settings change. For example, someone may have inadvertently changed the settings on the TV and this can have an impact on the look of the color. When this happens, you may need to use your remote to go into the settings and adjust them. Sometimes changing the contrast and the brightness level in the settings can make the color on the screen start to look better. Lowering the contrast ratio below what it is out of the box could improve the image in your home. Using a video test disc can help you find the right contrast ratio for your TV. Try changing the contrast until it seems just a bit too dark and then let your eyes get used to it. At that point, you'll start to notice some of the rich colors in the image.



If any changes have been made to the lighting in the room where the TV is located, it can also make the colors look different. For example, if you look at the TV on the showroom floor of a store and then look at it in your living room, the colors could look different. When this happens, you may need to adjust the brightness setting, TV or change the amount of light in the room. Try changing the TV's position so that it is not getting any reflection from other light sources. You may also need to buy some drapes to block out light while watching.


Technical Issue

If you did not change the settings or the lighting, something could be wrong with the hardware of your TV. The pixels in the plasma screen are supposed to change colors when they are stimulated with an electrical signal. If the TV starts malfunctioning, the pixels may not be stimulated correctly and the color could suffer as a result. When this happens, you may need to have your plasma TV repaired by the manufacturer or by a certified television repairperson. To avoid voiding your warranty, you'll need to work with a repair company certified by your specific manufacturer. When visiting the manufacturer's website, you may be able to enter your ZIP code and find the nearest certified repair shop to work with.