How to Keep Rows Stationary in Excel

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Microsoft Excel provides a Freeze Panes option on the View tab.
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Microsoft Excel enables you to keep your worksheet's top row or a pane of rows in one place with a "Freeze" option. These frozen rows will stay near the top of the screen even when you scroll down a worksheet. For example, freezing the top row of labeled column headings will keep these headings visible and help you enter more data in the correct columns as your entries progress down a long worksheet. A dark line will border the lower part of this stationary pane to indicate the frozen rows above and the free sequence of rows below this line.


Step 1

Select the row header below the rows you want to freeze as stationary rows. For example, to keep Rows 1 to 5 stationary, click Row 6. The selected row will display a gray area and a bold, rectangular outline.

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Step 2

Click the "View" tab on the command ribbon, and then click the "Freeze Panes" arrow button in the Window group to open the drop-down list with three options: "Freeze Panes," "Freeze Top Row" and "Freeze First Column."


Step 3

Select "Freeze Top Row" to lock Row 1, or select "Freeze Panes" to lock two or more rows.


Step 4

Click inside the worksheet to deselect the highlighted row. The bottom of the frozen row or pane will display a slightly darker line or border. As you scroll down the worksheet, these frozen rows will remain in place near the top of the worksheet while the lower rows come into view.



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