IPhone Voice Memo Space Requirements

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Voice memos take up very little of the iPhone's memory.
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The iPhone's voice memo application is an immensely useful business tool, whether you need to record a meeting, an interview or just leave notes to yourself when you don't have a pen handy. Just like photos, videos and any other digital file, voice memos use up the available storage on your iPhone. It is helpful to know just how much space they take up, so you know if you have enough room before you go into that two-hour meeting.


File Size and Type

The iPhone records voice memos in the MPEG-4 file format, using the Advanced Audio Coding codec, indicated by the file extension M4A. This is a compressed file format, allowing large amounts of data to be recorded at a reasonably high quality while taking up very little space.

Video of the Day

Every minute of audio recorded through the iPhone's default voice memo app requires roughly half a megabyte of storage space. So a 10 minute recording requires about 5MB of space, an hour takes up 30MB and two hours requires 60MB. Considering iPhone storage is measured in gigabytes, you should have more than enough room to record a lengthy meeting unless you are right up against your phone's capacity.




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