Start a Meal Train for Your Friends With a Newborn, and They'll Love You Forever

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Bringing home a newborn baby is one of the greatest moments of a parent's life, but it's also the hardest. Learning how to care for a teeny tiny human person is intense — not to mention the complete lack of sleep.


The last thing any new parents want to deal with during the first couple of weeks with a newborn is meal planning and cooking. There just isn't enough time or energy to focus on meals that don't involve breast milk or formula.

Which is why the best, most helpful thing anyone can do for a brand new parent is to set up a Meal Train.


What is Meal Train?

Meal Train organizes meals for friends or family after a birth, surgery, illness or any significant life event that requires some extra help. So when people ask what they can do to help, the answer is to sign up to deliver a meal! It's the perfect way to show the people you love that you're thinking about them, while simultaneously helping to make their lives so much easier. It can be a home-cooked meal or grab something from a restaurant — whatever works best for you.


How it works

Get started by entering the recipient's name, email and where to drop off meals. Choose the delivery dates and add preferences, like how many people to cook for, preferred delivery time, favorite and least favorite meals, and any special instructions.


You're then given a unique link for the Meal Train, which you can send to people via email, Facebook, or Twitter. They'll be given the opportunity to volunteer for available dates and will receive reminders to ensure no meals are forgotten.

And the best part? Meal Train is totally free and super easy to use. There's even an option to collect donations to help the recipient even more.

Now if only we could all have a Meal Train set up for us forever.